[shop stories] broken butterfly

[Once a week or so, I'll share the story behind an image available for purchase in my shop.]I sat on the deck for hours watching over this broken butterfly. I don't remember how many pictures I took; there were a lot. I lost the ones I didn't post to social media when my laptop crashed … Continue reading [shop stories] broken butterfly


a new project

I'm putting together lists for a blog project, and (as usual) I need help. I want to write more about journaling and goal-building and building intentionality and Bible study and responsible self-care and planning and feeling crazy but knowing that's okay. But. I am not always sure where to start.  Talking with you darling people … Continue reading a new project


´╗┐My previous post was about an outdoors science math project adventure on Ash Wednesday, when we looked for Fibonacci spirals in nature and then watched videos on Khan Academy. I mentioned that I learned a word (and then I just stopped the post, yay awkard closings).  THAT WORD IS MERISTEM. Meristem is (thank you, Merriam-Webster) … Continue reading meristem