writing to try

I just spent some time trying to tell a story. It didn’t go the way I wanted it to go. … More


I’ve thought about it quite a bit, blogging stories about my New York trip. I visualize myself approaching the computer, … More

window seats

I downloaded the airline’s app a few weeks before my trip. It kept hitting me with obnoxious notifications, so I … More

from poptoo’s house

In June, before my birthday, we went to PopToo’s house for a couple of days. I’ve been threatening for years … More

life lessons

I keep seeing distressingly thought-provoking memes – the kind that force you to ponder the advice you’d give your teenage … More

don’t freak out

You know how things that make you roll your eyes or shrug when you’re above a neutral emotional level can … More

mother’s day

I am propped on my bed in the sunshine.  It is Mother’s Day.  Mother’s Day is not my favorite.  I … More