writing to try

I just spent some time trying to tell a story. It didn’t go the way I wanted it to go. I was trying to remember details about an event from real life, and I kept filling in the hazy gaps instead of letting them gape. So then I tried to admit when I was filling in the gaps. That just made it worse. So I rambled for a while and then hopped over here to publish a blog post for the first time in … I don’t even know how long.

So much shrugging.

I had an idea for a different story while I was driving today. I need to make notes about it and then do some research. I got through one vague outline and realized that the conclusion was mostly backwards from what would happen in real life. Not in an ironic way. In a clumsy and inaccurate way.

But, look, at least I noticed before I wrote the story, right?

Thinking further, I wonder if I could get away with it anyway. How many times do we engage a scene and say THAT IS NOT HOW THAT WORKS? It won’t work because if I’m going to write a story like that and let other people read it then it will have to be as accurate as I can make it. I will need to be fully ignorant of my level of wrong.

Oh well.

I took some photos with my Nikon. I think they look fake. There’s something just fake about the backgrounds in all of them. But I really like them.

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I'm a wife, mother, not-an-artist living in a barn in rural Alabama.

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