[shop stories] lace

[Once a week or so, I’ll share the story behind an image available for purchase in my shop.]

This time last year I found Queen Anne’s Lace growing in our yard. I kept an eye on it, and when I knew it was almost time to cut grass, I picked it.

Then we scienced for school. And it was obviously a miserable idea.

The kids didn’t love the lace, BUT I SURE DID, especially since Brennan and Annie had painted our deck table with metallic pinks and purples.


[shot stories] a rock show

I met my husband when I came home from a rainy day of college classes to find him sitting on my couch.

He was in my apartment with some other friends of my roommate.

He was wearing a long-sleeved Nightwish t-shirt.

Nightwish was supposed to play in Atlanta in 2005 (2006?) but cancelled their tour when they lost (kicked out) their singer – J’s tickets to that show are in a box in our storage building. Eventually they found another singer, then another. We have albums and documentaries and live show recordings from those years. Y’all. We would watch the End of an Era live show recording and CRY together while I was pregnant with Quinn and J was recovering from cancer-related surgeries.

Nightwish is woven into the tapestry of our relationship.

I was up super insanely late one night and happened to ask The Google about Nightwish. Because The Google is a genius and insane, the first thing I saw was a tour schedule, with a stop in Birmingham. I decided I was hallucinating. I went to bed. The next day it was still true (and to this day I get the absolute creeps when I think about it).

We got tickets.

The day of the show, Jonathan decided maybe we should skip it. I told him he could stay home but I was going to see this dearly beloved band.

It has occurred to me (just now) that maybe the Nightwish shirt was a challenge – what was this Nightwish, and why was the artwork appealing but the band name totally unfamiliar?

The world may never know.

[shot stories] more sprinkles

Last week someone scienced too hard with our More Sprinkles cup. It’s currently sitting in the freezer, housing an ice-encased Lightning McQueen. The bottom is split away from the rest of the cup.

I haven’t worked up the mental energy to thaw it. But. I want to “kragle” the cup and use it at my desk for pens.

[shot stories] Labor Day

But all I can think about is

but then I feel like maybe I appear to be minimizing the importance of the day.


Everybody wants a revolution, but nobody wants to do the dishes.

And I’m not sure where that originated, because I found conflicting information on The Google.


Things change when people take time to attend to the supporting details.