[shop stories] sunflower

[Once a week or so, I'll share the story behind an image available for purchase in my shop.]

This is the first year I've tried to grow sunflowers. I planted the entire pack of seeds. I had a total of ten sprout. Of the ten, this is the only stalk to make it. As I'm typing, there are SIX full blooms, with another ten already formed. The stalk is taller than I am, and she is beautiful. Also, she attracts so many bugs. There are continuously bees and ants and teensy green spiders and a small white spider aanndd some other bugs I can't identify that I think wrecked my cucumbers.

Funny how the beautiful and the helpers go hand in hand with the destroyers, right?

So far, the Crimson Queen (that's what her seed pack said, seriously) has graced the cover of a notebook and is going up in a dear friend's kitchen. So fancy.


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I'm a wife, mother, not-an-artist living in a barn in rural Alabama.

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