brains and breathing

If you have listened to me at all, ever, you have probably heard me say “There’s some real science about that now!” This can be confusing for me, because depending on who is reporting the science, it can be misleading or wrong… I have statistics trust issues. But when things make sense to me, I am willing to accept them as more likely to be true. 

So – knowing that next week someone could say “NOPE, that is WRONG.” – here’s some science I can get behind, because I have anecdotal experience:

How Slow Breathing Induces Tranquility (from Neuroscience News) Breating slowly and deeply on purpose helps your brain keep you calm. You can mellow out by BREATHING like you’re mellowed out. 

Your brain reinforces what you’re mindful of. (from Fast Company) The article title is something about deleting information in your brain, but it’s like pink elephants – you think about things trying to NOT think about them. So. Instead. Think about good things, things worth remembering. Over and over and over again. On purpose.


a new project

I’m putting together lists for a blog project, and (as usual) I need help. I want to write more about journaling and goal-building and building intentionality and Bible study and responsible self-care and planning and feeling crazy but knowing that’s okay. But. I am not always sure where to start. 

Talking with you darling people helps me so much. So please talk with me. 

Wait. Let’s make a list so we are together. I want to write more and with greater intention and broader reach about:

  • journaling
  • planning
  • goal-building
  • Bible study
  • learning on purpose
  • building intentionality
  • responsible self-care

What are your favorite things from this list?

What things make you wanna bash your head against a wall? 

Where do YOU feel strong? 

How do you want help with these things? 

Do you have favorite resources for any of them? 

Have you made or helped to make/provide resources for any of these things? (I know you have. Lay them out here.)

What do you think about when I mention them? 

If you didn’t have to worry about failing (please note that I did not say you would not fail, I said you didn’t have to worry about failing), what would you try?

What other catch-phrases or border clich├ęs go with these words?

You can email me at megan(at)meganfloyd(dot)com, you can comment here, you can direct message me through Facebook or on Instagram (or comment on this post link there). 

I look forward to hearing from you!