life lessons

I keep seeing distressingly thought-provoking memes - the kind that force you to ponder the advice you'd give your teenage self, or how you'd live life differently if you KNEW you would die in a year, or what you hope your kids remember about their childhood. You know the kind I mean. Existential crisis provokers. … Continue reading life lessons


[design details] shining

I've been playing around with layered photos (again), and - oh I just got another idea. Anyway. These are projects I don't feel finished with, but that I want to turn into poster prints that you write prayers or favorite quotes on. One of my product goals is to have fresh poster designs available every … Continue reading [design details] shining


I wanted the sun to shine more today. There were glimpses of blue sky and a few fleeting rays. I tried to get some writing work done. Mostly I made cryptic notes until my attention wandered to the sky.